Headcanon Hijinks

I’m going to share what some of the characters look like in my head… most are based on Critical Role or Mythica actors/characters as I am pretty into both 😀


Matthew Mercer, voice actor and superb DM for Critical Role, is my COLE
Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse as HARL (he’d need to dye his hair woods-voln/Archie red though!!)
French actress Garance Marillier as ERIS
PIERSON- Liam O’Brien  (Laura Bailey is also my headcanon for ESTILLE)
See, Laura Bailey would be an awesome ESTILLE. Her hubby Travis Willingham is also my headcanon for RICKARN (handy pic this one given their suitable costumes, even if they are meant to be vampires 🙂
NEMNIR – Rory McCann of Game of Thrones fame, but with this rather fetching wig 🙂
Jake Stormoen of Mythica is my inspiration for ORRIN STORYTELLER
Orrin inspo 1
This is a drawing of Jake by Cindy Dakin, that makes for a good ORRIN STORYTELLER pic! (used with permission)
The divine Marisha Ray, voice actress, presenter and Critical Role druidess is my headcanon for ARIL, Harl’s mother the sudden prophetess.

I’m still keeping an eye out for headcanons for Callia, Sarai, etc… but there’s also artwork that I’ve been inspired by, all here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/thebastardgods/photos/

I’d be interested to hear yours too!!

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